• Mission

    FiberMark’s mission is to be the worldwide coverings supplier of choice for customers.  A leadership position in innovation and design, consistency, service & speed and technical & manufacturing capabilities makes it easy to do business with FiberMark.

  • Safety

    Safety is the most essential part of any activity at FiberMark, and work is successfully completed only if it is performed in a safe manner.  We value safety above all else, including profits and production, and we will work with all employees to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

  • Vision

    FiberMark's vision of leadership in each chosen market is supported by the pillars of our people, products, customers and performance.  We will maintain a unified world-class, results oriented, customer focused culture.

  • Quality

    FiberMark will provide products and services that delight customers and exceed their expectations.  To achieve this we will continuously improve in all that we do, through the involvement and participation of our employees, suppliers and customers.

  • Goals, Values & Principles

    FiberMark's fundamental goals, values and principles are built on a foundation of teamwork, continuous improvement, recognition, trust and being ethical. We encourage innovation and creativity, entrepreneurial thinking & action and open & collaborative behavior throughout the company.

Dedicated to innovation and focused on value, we are “Naturally Creative®”

After more than a century serving our customers, FiberMark’s innovative products and services have earned the company a reputation for quality, excellence and sustainability.  Much more than just a paper products manufacturer, FiberMark’s distinctive, fiber-based covering materials and expertise in taking products from concept to reality support an increasing number of industries and customers worldwide. 

With an extensive range of visual and tactile options, FiberMark materials provide an endless array of design and performance possibilities for applications in the performance boards, covering solutions, luxury packaging, technical/industrial, security, print media and graphic design markets. The company's specialty fiber-based materials are enhanced with a variety of colors, finishes, and embossing techniques that create visual depth and invite touch. FiberMark's design specialists work with creative teams to develop a look that captures a brand's unique personality, differentiates it from competitors and creates lasting impact. 

An authentically “global” company, FiberMark’s Red Bridge UK plant, for example, is one of eight versatile, streamlined manufacturing facilities.  Red Bridge manufactures coated papers and textiles used primarily as decorative coverings in the bookbinding, stationery, packaging, pattern book and security markets.   In addition to Red Bridge, FiberMark has a joint venture company and facility - Avanté - in Shanghai, China, further expanding the company’s growing reach.  FiberMark is a group made up of many different heritages, sites and capabilities: 

  • West Springfield, MA - formerly Permalin and James River Corp. 
  • Lowville, NY - formerly Pajco, Plastic Coatings, and Whitman 
  • Quakertown, PA - founded in 1898, formerly a W.R. Grace site 
  • Brattleboro, VT - formerly Boise Cascade 
  • Brownville, NY - formerly a Premoid plant 
  • Reading, PA - formerly Wyomissing 
  • Canton, OH - formerly conVerd
  • Fitchburg, MA - founded in 1878, formerly Crocker Technical Papers, Weyerheauser, and Crocker Burbank
  • Red Bridge U.K. - founded in 1927 by the Glaister Family

At FiberMark, we’re proud to offer customers the “FiberMark Advantage,” an ironclad commitment of superiority in every aspect of every product.  What’s more, many of FiberMark’s products have earned the coveted FSC® & SFI® environmental certifications along with notable industry awards, a mark of our focus on conserving and protecting the environment and its vital natural resources.

FiberMark’s high level of responsiveness to our customers’ needs, along with our dedication to continually improve the company’s worldwide manufacturing, distribution, sales and support channels are the reason more specifiers, companies and individuals are looking to FiberMark for results that exceed their expectations.