• Capabilities

    FiberMark sets the bar for industry excellence in every market the company serves.  This video will take you to an artful view of how we acheive this through the manufacturing process.

Exceptional versatility and custom capabilities in an array of key markets

FiberMark is a leading, global manufacturer, coater and converter of specialty fiber-based materials and cloths with production facilities in the U.S., U.K. and China, complemented by a worldwide sales organization and advanced service component. Manufacturing capabilities include: 

  • Fiber-based Web Formation
  • Calendering
  • Coloring / Gravure Roll Printing
  • Embossing
  • Converting: Rolls and Sheets
  • Saturation
  • Performance Coating and Finishing
  • Custom Color Capability

The company’s focus is on the following product markets, within which it offers versatile manufacturing and technical capabilities; effective, responsive customer service; and innovative, market-driven product development programs: 

  • Specialty, high-performance, dense boards crafted from sustainable materials
  • Graphic arts materials with high-touch characteristics
  • Luxurious decorative coverings with remarkable surface-mimicking visuals
  • Superior technical and industrial products custom developed for unique applications
  • Print media with unsurpassed durability
  • High quality textile covering materials
  • Custom solutions and a secure supply chain for security products

In short, FiberMark has garnered the experience and capabilities to develop specialty and customized solutions for an infinite variety of technical and aesthetic material applications. The company prides itself on an array of products that are unique, performance-driven and durable. Backed by more than a century of experience and aided by the entrepreneurial spirit of a young company, FiberMark brings breadth and depth, and a deep commitment to exceptional quality and creativity.