• conVerd Print Media

    High technology and performance with an eco-friendly conscience: conVerd® defines green with the utmost dedication to reducing carbon footprint. With over a decade’s worth of experience and a full line of environmentally sustainable substrates, the conVerd® brand is the leader in fiber-based solutions for the wide format printing industry.

About conVerd®: Wide & Grand Format Print Media

In May of 2014, conVerd® joined the FiberMark family of globally recognized brands.  The word conVerd is derived from the Spanish words, “Con” meaning with, and “Verde” meaning green. The philosophy behind conVerd is to create and market products that exhibit superior print performance and fitness-for-use with an eco-friendly conscience.  

The product development strategy is simple; design a superior performing product, that is price competitive, eco-friendly, and recyclable at the end of its use. It is important that conVerd products are easily recyclable and can simply be deposited into existing paper recycling process without special sorting or segregation.

conVerd has become a part of FiberMark’s wide and grand format ink jet business in which FiberMark’s wide format print product line will adopt the conVerd brand name.  And the same great products you have come to know under the conVerd brand will still be available:

Now, FiberMark is the leading provider of sustainable fiber-based print media for the wide and grand format digital print markets. Adding conVerd’s unparalleled line of products & marketing acumen to FiberMark’s superior customer service, manufacturing & logistics capability provides customers with a complete portfolio of solutions for wide and grand format inkjet applications.

Contact FiberMark customer service at 800-558-5061 for more details.  
For International sales, call 413-533-0338.
Send web inquiries to converd@fibermark.com.