• History

    Founded in 1861, the company's history reflects a group made up of many different heritages, sites and capabilities and in 1997 changed the name to what it is today - FiberMark.

Company History

1861:  Case Brothers founded in Manchester, Connecticut.

1868:  Recognition. Company won second prize in international competition in Paris, France.

1880:  Recognition. Company won international competition in Melbourne, Australia.

1961:  Expansion.  Mill built in Brattleboro, Vermont.

1967:  An era ends and another begins.  Case Brothers acquired by Boise Cascade.

1977:  Expansion.  Latex Fiber Industries and Payne-Jones, Inc. acquired.

1983:  Expansion.  Saxon Industries’ Mississquoi Mill acquired.

1987:  Consolidation.  Payne-Jones Inc. sold.

1988:  Consolidation.  Brownsville, New York mill closed.

1989:  Independence.  Specialty Paperboard Inc. formed.

1991:  Consolidation.  Mississquoi mill sold.

1993:  Going public.  IPO launched.

1994:  Expansion.  Endura Products Division acquired from W.R. Grace & Company.

1995:  Modernization.  Brattleboro, Vermont mill upgraded.

1996:  Acquisitions.  Custom Papers Group and Arcon Coating Mills.

1997:  Today’s FiberMark.  Company name changed.

1998:  Going global. Steinbeis Gessner GmbH & Company acquired.

1999:  Global growth.  Papierfabrik Lahnstein GmbH acquired.

2000:  Capital expenditures, fuel cost savings and new business. An investment in the future. 

2001:  Global Expansion. DSI acquisition offers synergy and growth and brings with it Red Bridge International.

2002:  Consolidation process amidst challenging business conditions.

2002:  Recognition.  FiberMark celebrates a century old Genuine Pressboard™ brand.

2004:  Ani Difranco's CD, Evolve, Won 2004 Grammy for the Best Recording Package

2005:  FiberMark Celebrates 70th Year Of Commercial Use For Kivar®

2006:  FiberMark was publicly-traded between 1993 and early 2006 and became a private company on January 3, 2006.

2007:  Acquisitions.  Permalin Products and Permafiber Corporation.

2008 Jan:  A new FiberMark.  American Securities Acquires FiberMark Holdings, LLC.

2008 Mar:  Environmental Recognition.  FiberMark acquires FSC® certification from Rainforest Alliance.

2008 Apr:  Environmental Recognition.  FiberMark Converts Manufacturing Operations At Vermont Headquarters To Run On Used Vegetable Oil - Green Steam®

2008 Jun:  FiberMark is Naturally Creative®.

2008 Jul:  Acquisitions.  FiberMark acquires Brownville Specialty Paper Products’ pressboard business.

2008 Jul:  Expansion. FiberMark opens New York Manhattan Design Center.

2008 Sept: Recognition. FiberMark Receives Award from Smead in Recognition of 50 Years of Service as Supplier.

2008 Sept:  Environmental Recognition.  FiberMark acquires SFI® certification from NSF.

2010:  Environmental Recognition.  FiberMark named ‘Business Leader for Energy Efficiency’

2012:  Expansion.  FiberMark enters into a Joint Venture agreement in China - named Avanté.

2014 May:  Expansion.  FiberMark acquires conVerd LLC for growth in Wide & Grand Format Inkjet markets.

2014 Aug:  Expansion.  FiberMark acquires Crocker Technical Papers for growth in Performance Boards & Technical Specialties markets.