• NEEP Award

    FiberMark's Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP) award is the subject of this short video, which celebrates the company's ongoing efforts to implement energy-efficient measures at its plants.

Award Winning Environmental Practices

FiberMark was honored to receive the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership (NEEP) award, which recognizes “Business Leaders for Energy Efficiency.”

The award cites FiberMark’s Brattleboro, Vermont plant for its ongoing commitment to implement energy-wise measures throughout the facility. A complete lighting retrofit, the installation of more efficient electric motors and drives, and upgrades to its compressed air systems are just a few of the ways that FiberMark is addressing its commitment to conserving precious natural resources, the NEEP award acknowledges.

The NEEP award especially noted the recent conversion of the Brattleboro plant’s boiler operations to function using up to 100% of recycled vegetable oil.  This oil is regularly collected for reuse from locations throughout New England.  The company is proud to take this important step to utilize ‘Green Steam®’ to power its manufacturing machines and heat the entire plant.

In presenting FiberMark the award, a NEEP spokesperson cited FiberMark as a company that truly “walks the walk,” when it comes to energy conservation and the all-important use of recycled materials in production processes.

Please take a moment to view the NEEP award video above, which offers further information on FiberMark’s energy conservation efforts.