• Spirits Packaging

    A portfolio of luxury coverings and premium paperboards that bring sophisticated visual and tactile appeal coupled with superior performance to fine wine and high-end spirits brands.

Machine Crafted / Aged to Perfection

In keeping with FiberMark’s selection of premier decorative coverings, the machine-crafted paperboards are also available in full-bodied hues made visible by the deep, rich color saturation of the products through and through.  

With the elimination of white edges and a robust manufacturing process ensuring color consistency from lot to lot and throughout the sheet, FiberMark materials help to elevate products in the retail environment and significantly drive sales … a must for high-end brands.

The special batch of products represented below is just a sampling of the colors, finishes and calipers available in FiberMark's luxury packaging portfolio.  Pair this selection with the respective product line swatchbooks to browse a larger breadth of color, texture and caliper options, or create a blend of your own for one-of-a-kind custom branding.

Folding Carton

  • The innovative shades, new dimension of colors and its sophisticated color play describe the visual illusion of this eye-catching cover material called Illusio® Board.
  • Shimmer™ Board provides richly charged, jewel-like hues with a silky feel and optional texture for extra shelf appeal.
  • Metal-X® Board, with its contemporary machined look, offers rich, metallic tones with distinctive textures.
  • Refined in its subtlety, the Dorset® matte, coated finish will add an understated elegance to any premium package design.
  • A perennial favorite, Grafton® offers rich color saturation in an uncoated vellum finish.
  • Alloy® provides a wide range of duplex constructions by combining rigid board with decorative coated covering material.
Illusio® Board - Cambric Galaxy 6200
Shimmer™ Board - Peridot Rivercord
Metal-X® Board - Hammered Steel
Dorset® - Imperial Red
Grafton® - Smooth Dark Blue
ALLOY® - Custom Duplex Combinations

Set-up Box

  • The Metal-X by Corvon® line offers rich metallic tones with distinctive textures.
  • Inspired by mesh fabrics from the world of fashion and interiors, Metal Mesh by Corvon® is offered in four classic hues of a metallic print and mesh texture combination.
  • The multi-faceted hues of Illusio by Corvon® provide a progression of intense color shifting shades that couple, contrast, and amaze around every bend.
  • With a distinctive, rainbow-like play of color that tends to change at different angles, Iridescents by Corvon® features a shimmering, lustrous visual in a variety of textures.
  • Senzo® by Corvon® offers a rich, matte finish with a soft, tactile surface.
  • Inspired by renaissance silks, Shimmer by Corvon® provides richly charged jewel-like hues coupled with a soft feel.
Metal-X by Corvon® - Brush Rose Gold 47540
Metal Mesh by Corvon® - Bronze 4603
Illusio by Corvon® - Cambric Corona 6205
Iridescents™ by Corvon® - Weave Olive Green 8550
Senzo® by Corvon® - 4402
Shimmer by Corvon® - Purple Powder

Structural Board

  • Described as a medium-weight, low-density, vellum-finished board, Elements has been specifically engineered to provide bulk without weight, making it an ideal alternative for applications where black chipboard would traditionally be used. 
Elements - Black
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