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    A collection of FiberMark case studies featuring specialty covering materials.

Federal Looseleaf’s penfolio features FiberMark’s Evora by Corvon, offering the rich, earthy look and texture of natural cork, coupled with superb durability.

FiberMark’s Evora by Corvon ® adds a fresh, unexpected look to penfolio sample

Design Challenge

Federal Looseleaf, a Minneapolis, Minnesota firm that develops and manufactures customized presentation covers, prides itself on creating products for customers that are not only high quality, but also high impact. So when the company decided to introduce a new product of its own – a uniquely designed penfolio, with a pen holder that serves as a cleat to hold the folder shut – it knew that it needed to develop a creative sample that would deliver a strong “wow” factor.

“This was an important self-promotional piece for us. Our goals with it were twofold,” explained Jeff Hunter, president of Federal Looseleaf. “First, we wanted to promote our penfolio product as a brand new, innovative concept. Second, we wanted to demonstrate what can be done if you go out of the box, and use unorthodox, creative materials.”


To ensure the new penfolio would achieve the company’s marketing goals, Federal Looseleaf turned to FiberMark for its extensive range of distinctive covering products, and found the perfect material – the unique, cork-like Evora by Corvon®.

“We recognized this material instantly as something brand new and fresh, something our customers hadn’t seen before, because it simply wasn’t available,” noted Hunter.

Federal Looseleaf chose the warm, cork-like Evora for the body of the folder, accented by Black Skivertex® with Sanigal embossing for the edge binding and interior panel. The rich, old-world styling of the Evora material juxtaposed with the sleek, glossy Black Skivertex provides an extra depth to the cover, and delivers a sensory jolt – exactly the kind of aesthetic experience that Federal Looseleaf was looking for.


Federal Looseleaf produced Creativity Runs Wild sample penfolios to generate interest in its new patented product, and customers were instantly intrigued.

“People are fascinated by it,” said Hunter. “They think it’s very rich, very beautiful and elegant. Most people think it’s real cork, and they wonder how we’ve been able to create the product with cork.”

“This project has been very successful for us,” Hunter continued. “The penfolio covered with FiberMark’s Evora and Skivertex has done so well, in fact, that it has prompted orders of other presentation products using the same materials.”

FiberMark’s distinctive covering materials provided Federal Looseleaf with the creative edge it needed to attract attention, make a lasting impression and generate sales.