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    A collection of FiberMark case studies featuring specialty covering materials.

The ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Daring’ tandem features FiberMark’s Multicolor®80, chosen for its performance, color, and robust, cloth-like texture which provide a satisfying tactile and visual experience.

FiberMark’s Multicolor®80 Makes a Bold Impression on Book Buyers

Design Challenge

When international publisher HarperCollins set out to entice youngsters to test their intrepid adventuring skills with The Daring Book for Girls and The Dangerous Book for Boys, the “courageous” content presented an interesting design dichotomy. Both books, chock full of instructions on how to have plain, old-fashioned fun, and designed to revive the innate curiosity of young adolescents, had to appeal to both teens and their parents in order to ensure commercial success. And as a throwback to the innocence of youth that still thrives even in a world that pushes children to mature faster than ever before, the finished products had to embrace the nostalgia of their content while retaining their timeliness.

“We needed something unique that would grab the consumer’s attention,” explained Susan Kosko, director of production at HarperCollins. “The old-time look and feel of the product was critical to conveying the message within.”


FiberMark’s Multicolor® 80 fit the bill. Multicolor 80, formerly known as Permalin® Colors, is a dyed-through, eighty-pound kraft ideal for book covers and spines. Available in a full spectrum of colors and widths to complement the book binding process, Multicolor 80 is specially designed for foil, ink and blind stamping, and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC® certificate code SCS-COC-004451), which ensures that the material is made from trees harvested according to strict environmental standards and forest management practices. The woven fabric texture and old-fashioned aesthetic were the ideal characteristics HarperCollins was looking for to create an appealingly traditional effect with the books’ covers. “We wanted to achieve an antique look from days gone by,” said Kosko. “The weave-like finish of Multicolor helped do exactly that.”

Published first, The Dangerous Book was bound with Multicolor 80 Raspberry and embossed with a Leno finish. Raspberry is one of 60 FSC®-certified standard colors and a striking choice to complement the thrills of boyhood that are celebrated within. The pretty but bold Multicolor 80 Turquoise, also in Leno, that cloaks the Daring tips for girls was a color developed specifically for the book and produced exclusively for its printing. Since the release, Turquoise has been added to the palette and can now be found in FiberMark’s standard offering. The books were stamped with a gold and silver foil and a black pigment to enhance their sense of nostalgic charm.

“The uniqueness and beauty of FiberMark’s Multicolor 80 product line was the reason we chose them, but the fact that FiberMark had the capability and willingness to create a special covering for us made the choice even easier,” noted Kosko.


“Everyone loved both titles. We’ve printed over a million copies of The Daring Book for Girls, and sold nearly two million of The Dangerous Book for Boys,” declared Kosko. “The final product was as complete a work in presentation and content as we’d hoped.”

The simple, old-world charm of FiberMark’s Multicolor provided the ideal design solution for HarperCollins, and helped make the books the bestselling phenomenon that they are.