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    A collection of FiberMark case studies featuring specialty covering materials.

Toffee Break’s distinctive packaging features Iridescents by Corvon® and Metallics by Skivertex® from FiberMark.

Toffee Break Gourmet Confections Shimmer with Luminous Packaging

Design Challenge

Toffee Break, a boutique confectioner of toffee, truffles, dessert specialties, and pastries, was looking for a distinctive way to package and present its flagship Toffee Break Signature Collection brand. Toffee Break’s wide range of confections – toffee, truffles, dessert specialties, cookies, and scones – are manufactured from the purest premium ingredients. To compete and attain equal standing among larger, more established, elite brands, Toffee Break hoped to proclaim the quality of the product within through premium packaging.

“We wanted something sophisticated and unusual that conveyed elegance while concurrently wasn’t something you see all the time,” explains Robin Fields, founder and owner of the Chicago-based Toffee Break. “Once we discovered FiberMark, our search was over.”


Iridescents by Corvon® is a shimmering combination of color and depth that forms the base of the rectangular packaging and Cookies ‘N Cream domed box. Embossed with FiberMark’s Bengaline pattern, the material has a depth that subtly tempts shoppers to reach out and touch the product. When picked up, the tactile experience is luxurious and understated. The top lid of the gift boxes and the other two domed packages feature Metallics by Skivertex® in the colors of Iced Teal with proprietary Diago embossing for its Traditional Toffee, and Blue Twilight in a proprietary Brush pattern for its Streusel Toffee.


“We love it, our customers love it, and our vendors love it,” enthuses Fields. “More importantly, the new packaging has led us toward an overall branding and image overhaul – website, brochure, the works.”

FiberMark’s distinctive packaging materials provided the perfect solution to portray Toffee Break’s unique personality, achieve brand differentiation and positively impact sales.