Illusio® Board

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Sample Sheets: Order a sheet of Illusio® Board - Cambric Galaxy 6200
Sample Set: Order a card of Illusio® Board


Sample Set:

Order a card of Illusio® Board


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Product Information

Product Information: 

The multi-faceted hues of Illusio® Board provide a progression of intense color shifting shades that couple, contrast, and amaze with every fold.

Decorative fiber-based paperboard adapted for bag and folding carton applications.

Features & Benefits: 

  • SAMPLE stock available in Blue Galaxy Cambric emboss only
  • 6 standard colors available for order in 6 standard embossing options: Cambric, Bengaline, Brush, Weave, Dimple, Hammered - see Illusio by Corvon® for examples of these design standards.
  • Complementary turned-edge decorative covering materials available for more expansive branding options in the luxury packaging arena - see Illusio by Corvon®.
  • Rapid prototyping service for custom branding solutions
  • Dyed-through color ensures no white edges
  • Easy foil stamping, blind stamping, die-cutting and screen printing
  • Manufactured from Renewable, Sustainable and Recycled Resources
  • 40% post-consumer waste
  • REACH compliant
  • PVC, Phthalate, Lead, Cadmium and Heavy Metal Free

Product Features: 

  • Performance & Decorative Boards
    • Folding Carton Boards

Print Method : 

  • Screen Print

Decorating Techniques: 

  • Deboss/Blind Stamp
  • Die-cutting
  • Foil Stamp

Market and Applications: 

  • Packaging
    • Folding Carton
    • Hang Tag
    • Hinged Box Wrap
    • Slip Cases
    • Specialty Retail Bag
  • Publishing - Cover Materials
    • Invitations & Stationery
  • Records Management - Office / Home / School
    • Presentation Portfolio
    • Ring Binder
  • Technical / Industrial Specialties
    • Ticket, Tag & Label Stock
FSC Info:

FSC® C020981 Product Guide



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Calculation Tools
Calculation Tools:


LB per FT2 = BW

$/FT2 = LB. per FT2 X $ per LB

$ per MSF = $/Ton X BW

$ per LB. = $/CWT

$ per Ton = 6000 X BW + $ per MSF X 6000

M Weight = L X W X BW

$ per Sheet = M Weight X $ per LB.

Number of Sheets = Total Weight
                              LB. per sheet

Order Weight = LB/Sheet X Number of Sheets

Linear Feet in Roll = 41.67 X Net Weight (lb.) X 864
                                       Roll Width X BW

Roll Weight = OD2 - ID2 Roll Width X BW X .00182
Caliper [.020" = 20]

Roll Weight from Lineal Feet = Roll Width X BW X Lineal Ft.

Price per Linear Foot = Weight (lb.) X $/cwt.
                                         Linear Feet

· BW = Basis Weight
· All formulas with basis weights assume a 36 X 24" cover basis (3000 FT2)
     · (36*24)/144*500 [i.e., the weight per 500 sheets or ream]
· MSF = 1000 Square Feet