FiberMark Products

Automotive Fine Line Paint Masking

Smooth crepe saturated tape base using heat resistant saturant and release

Automotive Standard Paint Masking

Natural color creped base, saturated and high temperature release coating

Carton Sealing Coated Tape Base

Natural color medium tensile flat saturated base

Electrical and Electronics Tapes

Saturated and release coated crepe papers for electronic components bandoleering.

Exterior Building & Professional Paint Masking

Creped saturated base with UV unreactive saturant and high temperature release coating

General Purpose Tape Base

Cream color, lightweight, creped, saturated base suitable for general household and light industrial uses

Lampshade Binding

Saturated flat kraft with solvent activated adhesive

Printable Tapes Systems

4.5-mil saturated flatback papers, release coated with a high performance printable release coating.

Release Liner

Creped saturated base with non-silicone, high temperature, tight release