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Color: LaCrema® - Chestnut
Sample Set:

Order a DecoratedSampleSheet of LaCrema®


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Product Information

Product Information: 

A 20pt high-loft, cushion-like cover material with extreme soft-touch leather finish and thermo-reactive surface; a superior cellulose-based PU-alternative

Made with proprietary, ground-breaking, patent-pending technology.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Luxurious, creamy, rich new finish with true leather look

  • Cushion-like surface averages around 20pt

  • Coated cellulose base

  • Accepts foil stamping, blind stamping, branding/burnishing and gluing

  • Custom colors available

  • Consistent color and quality control

  • Stain resistance and easy cleaning

  • Superior abrasion and scuff resistance

  • Has the same processing efficiencies of a saturated covering material

  • World-class service platform

  • Made in the USA

Check out this beautiful package design using LaCrema submitted by Envision Creative Group for the Package Design Magazine 2014 Makeover Challenge (sponsored by FiberMark).

Product Features: 

  • Decorative/Supple Coverings
    • Turned Edge & Supple Wrap Materials
      • Fiber-based
        • Leather & Skin Visuals
        • Soft-touch
        • Thermal / Color Shift

Print Method : 

  • Screen Print

Decorating Techniques: 

  • Deboss/Blind Stamp
  • Die-cutting
  • Foil Stamp
  • Heat Burnishing

Market and Applications: 

  • Packaging
    • Hinged Box Wrap
    • Rigid Setup Box Wrap
    • Slip Cases
  • Publishing - Cover Materials
    • Album / Photobook Cover
    • Datebook / Diary Cover
    • Hardcover / Casebound Book
    • Menu / Hospitality
    • Religious Publishing / Bible Cover
  • Records Management - Office / Home / School
    • Desk Set
    • Ring Binder
FSC Info:

FSC® C020981 Product Guide

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Production Guidelines
Product Guidelines: 

LaCrema® Production Guidelines

Note: Thank you for requesting LaCrema. Below is a list of recommended ways to handle, decorate and process this material. The recommendations can change depending on specific equipment so please test free sample sheets before beginning production.


The compressible nature of LaCrema results in caliper changes when loaded during processing. The caliper should recover once the load is removed. Consequently, a non-weighted caliper gauge is required to accurately measure thickness.

Material Handling

It is recommended that rolls get hung so that there is no pressure being applied to the roll. If that is not feasible, store the roll on end with end cap or in its box to reduce the risk of denting. Do not lean roll against wall or apply uneven pressure on the outside of the roll as this can create temporary dents. 
It is not recommended that sheets get stacked more than 10” high. The weight of the material can compress the soft nature of the product and cause problems when foil stamping at a later point.
Due to the compressive nature of the sheet, the material may retain compression mark if exposed to a load for an extended period of time.  For example, if books are banded and stacked, the edge of the band may compress the material with a certain amount of load.  If the load is not removed for a period of time, the compression may become permanent. 


Box Making
This material can be difficult to process on smaller boxes because it is so thick (<2”x2”). Please test the box before beginning production to ensure the box size does not need to be adjusted. The corners of a box can become thick when LaCrema is folded on top of itself. If this look is not desirable, then use a dye cutter to remove excess material before turning the edges.  
Case Making
LaCrema performs well on various case-makers and book binders. LaCrema has had no difficulties processing in a Horhauf case maker, and a Kolbus EMP1 case maker. The cases can be made with square corners, rounded edges, flush cut and others.


Multiple brands of animal glues and PVA white glues have been tested successfully in case making, book binding, and box wrapping.

Cutting and Die-cutting

LaCrema die cuts well. It is recommended that cardboard be placed between the clamp and LaCrema before cutting with a guillotine. This will help reduce the risk of marking or color shifting.

Scoring and Folding

LaCrema can be scored using lower pressures. Decrease pressure if a line occurs on the face after scoring.


LaCrema may be Screen Printed. We recommend working with your ink supplier to find the most suitable ink for your specific project although 02 and XL6 series inks from Nor-Coat  provided passing results for adhesion with the addition of 1% 800 initiator.

Heat Burnishing/Blind Stamping

Copper or brass dies are recommended.

Typical temperatures for burnishing or blind stamping should range from 260-280°F. Lower pressures with longer dwell times will provide a more consistent and smooth stamp.  Higher temperatures will provide a more drastic color shift.  Higher pressures are recommended when using softer backings/boards.

Decrease pressure if burnish looks rough or crushed. If this occurs, you may need to increase temperature / dwell times. 

Foil Stamping

It is recommended that you work with your foil supplier to determine best foils for your project.  High gloss foils and heavy coverage areas (>2”x2”) should be thoroughly tested before beginning production. Below are some foil recommendations that have worked on LaCrema when using a Vertical Kensol with a deep etched brass die.

Specification & Data Sheets
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