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Color: SuedeTex® - Black
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Order a book of SuedeTex®


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Product Information

Product Information: 

Soft, supple, suede-like cover stock with outstanding durability to resist moisure and tearing

Ideal for high end graphic design applications

Features & Benefits: 

  • Can be foil stamped and silkscreened
  • Excellent scoring, folding and embossing
  • Look and feel of sueded leather
  • Supple, yet strong and durable
  • Resistant to moisture and stains
  • High tear resistance

Product Features: 

  • Decorative/Supple Coverings
    • Self Supporting Materials
      • Cover Stocks
        • Suedes
    • Turned Edge & Supple Wrap Materials
      • Fiber-based
  • Quick-ship Cover Stocks Available Through Merchants
    • Uncoated

Print Method : 

  • Offset Print
  • Screen Print

Decorating Techniques: 

  • Deboss/Blind Stamp
  • Die-cutting
  • Emboss
  • Foil Stamp
  • Stitching / Sewing

Market and Applications: 

  • Packaging
    • Folding Carton
    • Hang Tag
    • Hinged Box Wrap
    • Specialty Retail Bag
  • Print Graphics Substrates
    • Cover Stocks
  • Publishing - Cover Materials
    • Datebook / Diary Cover
    • Envelopes & Liners
    • Hand / Mechanical Binding
    • Hardcover / Casebound Book
    • Invitations & Stationery
    • Menu / Hospitality
    • Saddle Stitched / Perfect Bound Cover
    • Softcover / Paperback Book
  • Records Management - Office / Home / School
    • Brochure / Catalog Cover
    • Business Cards
    • Desk Set
    • Document / Folio / Report Cover
    • Expanding File / Wallet
    • Notebook Cover
    • Pocket Presentation Folder
    • Presentation Portfolio
  • Technical / Industrial Specialties
    • Ticket, Tag & Label Stock
FSC Info:

FSC® C020981 Product Guide



Recycled Content






Production Guidelines
Product Guidelines: 
SuedeTex® Production Guidelines

Standard Material


Basis Weight
(20" x 26"/500 sheets)

.014"/0,356 mm93 lb/252 gsm
.025"/0,635 mm158 lb/431 gsm

Foil Stamping
Magnesium dies should primarily be used for short runs. For long runs or for jobs that endure the abuse of repeated printings, it is recommended that copper/brass dies (deep-etched to avoid residuals) be used.

Due to the nature of SuedeTex's suppleness, texture and unique latex saturant, foils with a looser release seem to work best.

* Examples of metallic foils that have stamped well:

Kurz HC, 381 gold, #8 release
Crown BW 88 series
FoilMark OG 20
Crown BD 91-651E

Recommend pigment foil:

Kurz V series
250° F for large area
240° F for fine line art

Screen Printing
SuedeTex can be screen printed. Solvent-based inks are recommended (ex: Nazdar 97 Series). Depending on the opacity of a particular ink, a double hit, or opaque white, may be needed as an underlayment to the top color.

Offset Printing
Allow stock to acclimate to environment for 24 hours. Due to the water resistant nature of this material, quick set inks are required. 100% oxidizing inks have yielded excellent results. When using .014" SuedeTex, we recommend running sheets of 20 x 26 inches or smaller, in lifts of 400 sheets. This will accommodate the suppleness of the sheet, and allow for smoother running at the feed and delivery ends of the press. Drying powders are recommended. Choose an appropriate micron size to match ink coverage.

On press, it is normal for some of the paper fibers to transfer to the blanket. Blankets are likely to require more frequent cleaning than normal.

Similar to the performance of other soft, uncoated sheets, adjustments to artwork should be made to accommodate for dot gain on press. Due to surface texture, the use of large area solid ink coverage is not recommended.

Scoring and Folding
For the 14 pt. sheet, a 2 pt. scoring rule with a CD channel (i.e. Channel Matrix) of at least 0.049" wide is recommended. For the 25 pt. sheet, a 3 pt. rule is recommended with channel width at least 0.088". Depth of penetration of the rule should be at 50% the thickness of the sheet or greater.

SuedeTex forms an extremely durable hinge based on MIT fold testing.

Due to the high tear-resistance of SuedeTex, it can accommodate many fastening systems and binding mechanisms.

Sewing and Grommeting
SuedeTex can be stitched, sewn and grommeted.

Both cold and hot-melt adhesives have been successfully used with SuedeTex. Perf strips may be added to glue tabs to improve penetration.

SuedeTex holds embossing well and shows no signs of rebounding.

Due to the latex content of the sheet, it cannot be recycled. Handle as solid waste.

* Consult with your foil supplier to verify that your artwork will work with a specific foil.






Specification & Data Sheets
Basis Weight* #/gsm93/252158/431
Caliper in/mm.014"/0,356.025"/0,635
Sheet Size26" x 40"26" x 40"
M Weight372632
* 20" x 26"/500 sheets  
Grain direction indicated by underscore.  


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Calculation Tools
Calculation Tools:


LB per FT2 = BW

$/FT2 = LB. per FT2 X $ per LB

$ per MSF = $/Ton X BW

$ per LB. = $/CWT

$ per Ton = 6000 X BW + $ per MSF X 6000

M Weight = L X W X BW

$ per Sheet = M Weight X $ per LB.

Number of Sheets = Total Weight
                              LB. per sheet

Order Weight = LB/Sheet X Number of Sheets

Linear Feet in Roll = 41.67 X Net Weight (lb.) X 864
                                       Roll Width X BW

Roll Weight = OD2 - ID2 Roll Width X BW X .00182
Caliper [.020" = 20]

Roll Weight from Lineal Feet = Roll Width X BW X Lineal Ft.

Price per Linear Foot = Weight (lb.) X $/cwt.
                                         Linear Feet

· BW = Basis Weight
· All formulas with basis weights assume a 36 X 24" cover basis (3000 FT2)
     · (36*24)/144*500 [i.e., the weight per 500 sheets or ream]
· MSF = 1000 Square Feet